6 Useful Household Items You Can Rent for a Fraction of What They Cost to Buy

Outfitting your home or apartment with everything you need is no easy feat. Certain items can be wildly expensive or inconvenient to store, especially if you’re short on space. There are also some household items—like a paint sprayer—that you’re bound to use only a handful of times in your life, so purchasing them probably isn’t wise.

If you’re wary about plunking down money for home items you don’t necessarily need to own, we have good news: You can just rent them instead. From solar panels to snow blowers, there are a variety of basic (and not-so-basic) household goods available to rent from home improvement stores such as Home Depot to online rental companies like Feather.

Don’t let your fear of commitment keep you from sprucing up your home or finally completing that DIY project. Here’s a look at some of the most useful items that are available to rent specifically for your home.

1. Solar panels

Renting solar panels is an excellent way to save money on your energy bills and reduce your home’s carbon emissions. Tesla currently offers a solar panel program that allows people to buy or lease the panels. By leasing you’ll avoid the high cost of installation and, in some instances, the maintenance associated with owning them.

Renting a 3kW system from Tesla starts at $25 to $100 a month, with an annual increase of up to 2.9% for 10 to 20 years. Costs depend on a variety of factors such as the size and number of panels required for your home.

2. Furniture

Renters will be especially happy to hear about Feather, an online company that offers a unique alternative to owning furniture.

You can rent a wide range of pieces like sofas, dining tables, lamps, mattresses, and more from top brands like West Elm and Casper. Feather also offers multipiece bundles like the Angelina Bedroom Package, which includes a bed frame, mattress, side table, and floor lamp for $50 a month.

Once you select your furnishings, you choose your rental term from three to 12 months. The company also makes setup simple with free delivery and assembly.

3. Live Christmas trees

Hate the idea of millions of Christmas trees being tossed in the trash after the holiday season ends? Then you’ll be happy to hear that plant nurseries across the country have started offering live (yes, live) Christmas tree rentals.

Here’s how it works with nurseries such as Living Christmas Company in California: You select the tree you want and it is delivered to you; after the holidays, the nursery picks up the tree, repots it in a larger container, and maintains it until the next season, when it can be rented out again. If the tree becomes too large or unusable, it gets replanted in a nearby forest.

Rental prices start at $54 and go up depending on the type of tree you select.

4. Paint sprayers

When it’s time for a fresh look for your home, a paint sprayer can save you a lot of time in lieu of using brushes to paint large walls. And since you probably won’t be painting your house too often, renting the sprayer saves you time and money relative to buying it outright. They are easy to rent at home improvement stores such as Home Depot, which offers cordless models for as little as $24 for four hours.

5. Table settings

Maybe you haven’t invested in that 12-piece flatware set yet. Maybe you’re hosting a holiday gathering for 20. Either way, if you need table settings but don’t want to buy them, Table + Teaspoon makes it simple to rent. The settings come in a variety of designs (the ultraluxe Stella set is $24 per person) and include flatware, plates, candlesticks, and other accoutrements a well-appointed table needs.

The items are delivered two days before the event and include a prepaid label for their return.

6. Snow blowers

Snow blowers are a seasonal item that can come in handy when you need it and take up space when you don’t. When the weather outside is frightful, you can rent a 24-inch model from SunBelt for as low as $73 a day.