8 Doghouse Ideas That’ll Put Snoopy’s Digs to Shame

Most prefab doggie home products on the market tend to be a bit of a snooze: They’re plastic or metal, and they’re all built for pooches who spend a lot of time outdoors. But what if you’ve got a canine who sticks to the indoors but still seems to crave its own space in your house? Lucky for you, there are plenty of doghouse plans out there that will make your pup feel right at home, without making your place look like a kennel—or worse.

Let’s get this dog show started!

Carve out cabinet space

Photo by The Muir Showrooms

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, your dog is sure to want to hang out there too. After all, where else are you most likely to accidentally drop some tasty scraps on the floor? Ask your contractor to replace one of your under-the-counter cabinets with a sweet kitchen hangout for your pooch, and at least you’ll be less likely to trip over him or her while you cook!

Under the stairs

Photo by Baldwin Homes, Inc.

If the space beneath your stairs isn’t very useful, break through the drywall to build a doghouse, Harry Potter-style (remember that’s where he slept?). Adding wood siding and a peaked roof adds a bit of extra charm to this indoor twist on an outdoor classic.

Liven up the laundry room

Photo by Stanton Homes

You already laid down linoleum on the laundry room floor to handle wet towels, which makes it perfect for this unique dog house idea. If your pup has an accident in the laundry room, clean-up will be a snap. One note of caution: Keep your laundry detergent and dryer sheets up on a high shelf, far away from a counter-surfing dog’s eat-anything appetite.

A doghouse idea for your entryway

Photo by Murphy & Co. Design

Every dog owner knows that coming home to a greeting from an excited pup is one of the benefits of dog ownership. Make it easy for Fido to meet you right at the front door with a doghouse setup that’s incorporated into the mudroom furniture. Built like an extra cabinet, it can even have a latching door if your pup likes to be closed in for comfort while you’re away.

Out the back

Photo by DC Interiors & Renovations

If you’re not keen on a doggie door that’s cut out of your solid back door, try this on for size: Build a small doghouse right on the back of the house, with an entry into your abode. Then add a doggie door on the side. It will be easy for your dog to get in and out, provide an animal-dedicated space, and save your gorgeous door from being sawn in half. Of course, you do need to make an entrance opening in your wall, but we’ll save that for another DIY story…

Upgrade your window seat

Photo by Heaven & Stubbs Bespoke Furniture Ltd

A window seat makes for a perfect place for dreaming … for you and your dog! Cut out a sleeping area where you might otherwise have unused space. While you’re soaking in the sun in the seat, with a good book, your pooch can snooze away in its private space just beneath you.

Incorporate your doghouse idea into the living room design

Photo by Portico Design Group

While you’re adding organization to the den or living room, add a nook for your dog’s naps. Shelves nearby can hold its toys, so they’re up and out of the way (or will be, once you scoop them all up and place them in the basket).

Add to the playroom

Photo by MaK Interiors

Kids and puppies go together like chunky peanut butter and strawberry jam, and you’ll often find them hanging out together. If your kids and dogs are attached at the hip, make sure the dogs have a perfect place set up in their best friends’ playroom.