Haight – Real Estate

Haight Ashbury is probably known world wide for it’s interesting past as the mecca of the 1960’s hippie scene replete with the love and peace vibe, the discovery of pop-art and music festivals which brought young people to San Francisco in droves during that era.  It’s very different today with established high end and interesting funky boutiques, great restaurants, pubs and nite clubs that offer entertainment and a brisk nightlife.

The Haight is is divided into the Lower Haight, at the Eastern end and the Upper Haight to the West.  These 2 distinctly different neighborhoods, the Upper Haight from Stanyan to Masonic, is home to renovated Victorians, and a more affluent demographic, while the Lower Haight from Divisidero to Webster has a more urban feel with coffee shops, record shops and vintage stores.  Though the bustling shopping district is hopping, and offers ample opportunity to dine, people watch and shop, the side streets offer a mix of Victorian-era homes, multi-units, apartments and condo’s to delight any history buff.  Renovations are common in this area, as well as rentals.

Close to the “Panhandle”,  a park that is in fact a median between Fell and Oak Streets runing from Baker Street to Stanyan, you will find tourists and locals relaxing, riding their bikes, running and heading for Golden Gate Park.  In the Upper Haight, Buena Vista Park, San Francisco’s oldest park, is heavily sloped and features one of the cities last live Oak groves.  Oak Street takes you directly into Downtown as a major thoroughfare bordering the Haight, with Muni and Bart accessible.

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