The shopping and restaurant area on 18th Street has a relaxed laid-back vibe, while in the flats, the main thoroughfare on 16th Street boasts the City’s Design District, where all the latest, furniture, fabric, fixtures, and accessories are displayed. There is a bit of office space, many modern condos that accompany the chic restaurants, pubs, shops on 18th Street and a very busy Whole Foods.
The neighborhood feels relatively isolated because of its terrain and its positioning between the two nearby freeways. The lack of cross streets gives The Hill its own pace and a feeling of a distinct culture away from bustling city life, with sweeping views of a perfect downtown skyline from the North Slope and fantastic Bay and East Bay views from the East Slope. While it may seem like living on the top of a hill makes life inconvenient, there are many longtime residents who are very clear about never wanting to live anywhere else in San Francisco.

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