San Francisco’s tallest towers, mapped

The San Francisco skyline has always been swoon-worthy, but over the last decade the view has become even more grand as skyscrapers have grown taller, taller, and taller. From the Salesforce Tower to One Rincon Hill, San Francisco’s towers are setting examples both in height and in grandeur.

This time around, there only criteria for towers to make the list is height, which is to say, we will consider spires. San Francisco’s tallest towers, as mapped, are a combination of residential and commercial spaces.

In order of height starting with the tallest, here are the SF structures that stand proud and tall.

1. Salesforce Tower

Formerly known as the Transbay Tower, the Salesforce Tower will be San Francisco’s largest tower and the second tallest building in the West at 1,070 feet and 1.4 million square feet. Designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, the tower will be 61 stories. The base of the building will connect to the Transbay Transit Center.

A combination of office and retail space with glass facades, the slender tower will be topped with an LED light installation. The building is slated to be completed in late 2017 or early 2018, according to Salesforce.

415 Mission St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 291-8880

2. Transamerica Pyramid

Once the the tallest building in San Francisco until the construction of the Salesforce Tower, the Transamerica Pyramid is 200 feet shorter at 853 feet. The four-sided pyramid, marked by two “wings,” is now the second tallest building in San Francisco with 48 floors of retail and office space.

Designed by William Pereira & Associates, the tower was completed in 1972 as the eighth tallest building in the world.

While no longer the headquarters of the Transamerica Corporation, the building is still linked to the company and the company’s logo.

600 Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA

3. 181 Fremont

Not to be outdone by the Transamerica Pyramid, 181 Fremont is one of San Francisco’s most luxurious mixed-use tower in San Francisco. Designed by Heller Manus Architects, the roughly 800-foot-tall residential condominium and office building has a steel frame designed to withstand seismic activity.

With 56 floors, the residential tower is topped with a spire and will be located adjacent to the Transbay Transit Center. The tower is the first REDi-certified high rise tower on the West.

Construction began in late 2013 and is expected to be completed in 2017.

181 Fremont St
San Francisco, CA 94105

4. 555 California

It may not be the tallest tower in California or in San Francisco, but it is one of the largest buildings by floor area. Previously the Bank of America Center, the commercial building boasts 52 floors.

Built in 1969, the building was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, architect Pietro Belluschi, and Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons.

And here’s a fun fact: the Trump Organization, President Donald Trump’s conglomerate company, owns 30 percent of the building.

555 California St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 392-1697

5. 345 California Center

Standing 725 feet tall, 345 California Center is San Francisco’s fourth tallest tower. Completed in 1986, the tower is sheathed in granite and has a steel frame.

Designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill who had a hand in 555 California Street, the mixed-use building has two towers, each topped by a spire that are connected by a glass sky bridge that overlooks the bay.

With the exception of the top floors that make up the Loews Regency San Francisco hotel, the rest of the building houses commercial offices.

Oddly enough, the address to the building and the hotel are different. If you’re looking to explore the Loews Regency San Francisco, the address you’re looking for is 222 Sansome Street.

345 California St
San Francisco, CA

6. Millennium Tower

Primarily condominiums, the Millennium Tower is the tallest residential building in San Francisco. Perhaps the most luxurious residential building in California, the 645 foot tall building is 58 stories of cozy condos.

Luxury comes at a price, however. The Millennium Tower has been the center of controversy after it was confirmed that the building was tilting and sinking. Still, you have to admire the blue and gray glass exterior and it’s slender concrete form.

The tower was completed in 2009 and designed by Handel Architects.

301 Mission St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 989-3333

7. One Rincon Hill

One Rincon Hill is a residential complex that consists of two towers, Tower One stands taller at 641 feet while Tower Two, now known as The Harrison, stands at 541 feet.

Tower Two, completed in 2008, is 60 stories topped with 25 LED floodlights that change according to the weather. One Rincon Hill was designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) architects.

425 1st St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 541-0172

8. 50 Fremont Center

Now called Salesforce West after the company purchased the building in 2015, the commercial building is 43 stories and 600 feet tall.

Originally completed in 1985, the building was recently renovated by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill to modernize the lobby and retail spaces. The building is also LEED-certified.

50 Fremont St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 543-5600

9. 101 California

Standing 600 feet tall, the commercial office building is 48 stories of glass and granite. Completed in 1982, the cylindrical structure was designed by Philip Johnson.

On the ground level is a granite plaza with terrace seating that is decorated for the holiday season with oversized Christmas ornaments.

101 California St
San Francisco, CA 94111

10. Market Center

Market Center is comprised of two towers at 555 and 575 Market Street. The tower at 555 Market Street is the shorter tower at 311 feet tall and the taller tower standing at 573 feet.

Completed in 1975 by Hertzka & Knowles, 575 Market Street is a 40-story commercial building with a granite base coated in terra cotta.

Market Center
575 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105