SF weather report: August heatwave coming

Summertime temps are rising all over the nation

While Karl the Fog’s July presence is as welcoming as it is stunning, it appears he has plans to take August off. A heatwave is expected to begin a warmer-than-usual August in the Bay Area.

Temperatures in some inland areas could shoot up to triple digits. And San Francisco, which averages in the upper 60s, could see temperatures reach into the upper 70s.

Sweltering, to say the least.

“In the East Bay, the forecast on Friday will remain in the upper 70s and steadily climb into the 80s in areas like Hayward,” reports SFGate. “Inland areas—including Livermore, Pleasanton and Walnut Creek—are forecast to hit 90 degrees, while Martinez, Concord and Pleasant Hill will flirt with triple digits.”

Super hot summers have become commonplace, according to an eye-opening piece in the New York Timesthis week, detailing how summertime numbers have soared toward more extreme heat over the last few decades.

Speaking of unbearable heat, the forecast for the Central Valley looks downright grim.

Sounds like a great time to plan on visiting one of the Bay Area’s many beachespoolshiking trails, or—best yet—air conditioning-blessed indoor malls.