Spotted: Bunny, Duck Walkers Keep San Francisco Weird

Keeping your eyes glued to your cellphone screen, bracing for the Trump administration’s next move, definitely cuts into valuable people-watching time.

Luckily, we and many of our loyal tipsters are scanning the horizon for you. And today, we’ve noticed an interesting trend: people and their not-so-average pets roaming city streets.

Here’s one such fellow, posted on Imgur Wednesday.


No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is a photo of a man walking a bootie-wearing duck up Van Ness—past a luxury real estate firm’s office—with two tiny dogs peeking out of his pockets.

Despite uncertainty in the air, birds aren’t the only nontraditional companions getting some exercise this week. Yesterday, Hoodline tipster Lucky sent in the following gem:

Local bunnies have places to be too, it appears. | PHOTO COURTESY OF LUCKY

Amid challenging times, we hope to see many more unexpected cuddly creatures staying active.

If you too spot an unusual leashed companion in your neighborhood, text (415- 200-3233) or email (tips AT hoodline DOT com) a pic our way, and we’ll share it with the masses. Because we all need more reasons to smile right about now.