Which States Dominate Vacation-Home Rankings?

Florida and its sandy beaches may be thought of as prime getaway territory in the U.S., but it doesn’t have the highest concentration of vacation homes in the country. Instead, that title goes to Maine, according to a new study from IPX 1031, a 1031 exchange resource. IPX 1031 analyzed data from more than 29,000 census-designated locales across all 50 states to identify the states with the highest percentages of vacation properties.

Nineteen percent of all homes in Maine are vacation homes, followed by Vermont at 17%, and New Hampshire at 12%. Florida came in at number six on IPX 1031’s list with 10% of its housing inventory categorized as vacation homes.

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Overall, the Midwest region ranked lowest for vacation-home density; Illinois was at the bottom with just 1% of its inventory falling in the vacation-home category. Wisconsin is a notable exception in the Midwest, which ranks number eight in the nation.

Here you can find the greatest concentration of vacation homes in every state: