You can still buy a single-family home for under $1 million in S.F. Here’s how.

With San Francisco median home prices now topping $1.6 million, according to Paragon’s Mid-Year Market Report, it can be easy for home buyers with a mere six-digit budget to throw their hands up in despair.

But there are still single-family homes in San Francisco—with those most-wanted single-family amenities like an attached garage and private outdoor space—available for under $1 million.

The key is knowing where to look. While sales in the northern part of the city are hitting that median price and go up from there, the southeastern quadrant of the city appears to be the last bastion of sub-$1-million homes. The median price for a single-family home in Visitacion Valley was $840,000, according to Paragon. The median price in the Bayview was only $10,000 more than that, while in Oceanview the median has ticked up to $935,000.

Even in neighborhoods where the median has breached the $1-million mark, it’s still possible to find homes under that price. The Outer and Central Sunset, for example, have median prices around $1,400,000. But there are often smaller homes priced under $1 million in those neighborhoods.

Check out the gallery above for a few examples of what you can get for under $1 million these days. And, yes, we took San Franciscans’ penchant for overbidding into account and picked homes priced well under $999,000.